Factory relocations: production on the move

If you want to relocate your industrial installations, commercial units and big machines you’ll need an experienced partner. After all, it isn’t just a matter of transporting large and small individual parts safely from A to B. The entire process has to be perfectly organised so that production operations can recommence at the new location as soon as possible.

We’ve been transporting heavy items for many years and we can move your capital goods, even if the routes out of the old premises and into the new premises are problematic.

Perfect relocations of: 

  • Machines
  • Safes
  • Cash dispensers
  • Silos
  • Switchgear
  • Transformers

Our services:

  • Move management
  • Transport insurance, approvals processes
  • Specific packaging
  • Dismantling and assembly
  • Worldwide heavy load transportation

Contact us to discuss the details of your perfect factory relocation or company move.